A Woodbury, Connecticut native, Danielle Arroyo received her A.S. in horticulture at SUNY Morrisville and has been working in the field for 18 years. Danielle visited Portland on a recommendation of a friend while she was living in New Orleans and instantly fell in love with the area. She describes herself as an enthusiastic Portland community member and has lived there for the past eight years.

Danielle’s dedication to grief and death culture grew after her mom, who had a longtime battle with addiction, died of breast cancer. Creating a place where people have access to an inclusive and beautiful burial ground that doesn’t just act as a landmark, but as a place of community and healing is important to her and is part of the reason COL’s mission strikes a chord with her. After the loss of her mom Danielle found that being in nature brought a sense of healing for her.

Danielle spends her free time exploring the outside, playing roller derby, and cooking meals with friends. She enjoys art inspired by nature, gardening, and deconstructing wedding norms to make them LGBTQ+ inclusive. If you find yourself a friend of hers, you can expect to be surprised by one of the many postcards she loves to send.