Lissa Bittermann is a native Mainer having grown up in Cape Elizabeth. She attended The University of New Hampshire, graduating in 1993 with a BA in Psychology and Communication. After spending 20 years living and working in Boston in the travel industry and as a recruiter in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, her love for her family, the ocean and a relaxed lifestyle brought Lissa back to Maine. 

Lissa has worked in the solid waste and recycling industry for the past 10 years, becoming a recognized expert in the field.  She has extensive experience working with municipalities and large organizations, guiding them in sustainable waste management practices, single stream recycling and how to put items that still have value to the best and highest use. Lissa’s goal has been to join the global movement of diverting valuable resources away from landfills and to build and run a repair café. Her dream is to bring people who have broken  or damaged items items together with experts in different fields who will teach them how to repair their belongings instead of throwing them away only to buy new ones.

True to her love for all things sustainability, Lissa serves as a volunteer on the Waste Reduction Committee in South Portland and can often be found covertly moving things between trash and recycling bins at her friends’ and families’ homes to get them in the correct bin.  She is happiest spending time with her wife Tricia, her family, including her rescue cats and dogs and being by the ocean.