Paul Forman was born in Philadelphia and moved to Maine in 1999. He has a BS in Marine Transportation from Texas A&M University, a MBA from Bentley University, and an Associates Degree in Recording and Engineering from Full Sail University, graduating as valedictorian. His passion for always following his heart has led him to various life experiences, both career and educational, in which he was often put in a leadership role. Paul’s experiences enable him to be good with people, be thoughtful, kind and reflective around others, while maintaining a sense of humor.

Currently, Paul is enjoying his retirement from his successful web development business which he ran for over 20 years. He has been volunteering as a bereavement facilitator and intercultural facilitator at the Center for Grieving Children for the past eight years.

Paul has been an advocate of sustainable living, farming and taking care of the Earth, since the first Earth Day, when he was in high school. He is both proud and honored to be serving on the Board of Directors for Maine’s Center for Sustainability. When he’s not volunteering, Paul enjoys learning new things, music, reading and spending as much time as possible cruising around the coast of Maine with his wife, Julie.