A Massachusetts native, Tricia Jamiol graduated from the University of New England with her BA in Psychology in 2006. In 2012, Tricia graduated from Boston University with her master’s in Social Work and moved to Maine to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
Sustainability really came to the forefront of Tricia’s mind after she met her wife, Lissa, who works in the field of sustainability. As a millennial, Tricia knows that it is incumbent on her generation to engage in deliberate, meaningful action to interrupt the climate crisis. The idea for a sustainability education center came to life after deciding, of all things, that she wanted to create a natural cemetery designed as botanical gardens. This different, yet sustainable, approach to death care made her understand that education around sustainable practices is one of the most powerful ways to mitigate climate change. 
Tricia has over 20 years experience working for, or volunteering with, local nonprofits, including the 13 years she spent at the Center for Grieving Children and five years she has been with Maine Roller Derby as a skater and member. She ran a successful wedding photography business for eight years and enjoys spending time with her wife and two dogs in her free time.